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Belgravia Town House

Case Study: Infinite Projects Overcomes Connectivity Challenges for Eaton Place Property


Infinite Projects, a leading provider of home automation solutions, recently completed a complex project involving internet connectivity and audio-visual services for a client residing in a newly redeveloped property on Eaton Place, Belgravia. Initially brought in by a partner company, Infinite Projects faced significant challenges, including limited internet coverage and the need for UK and French satellite TV services, multi-room audio and video streaming, and a strong wifi signal throughout the property. Through innovative solutions and expert project management, Infinite Projects successfully addressed these challenges, leaving the client highly satisfied with the outcome.


Challenges and Objectives:

The client faced several obstacles, including an inadequate ADSL internet connection and limited wifi coverage throughout the property. Additionally, they desired UK and French satellite TV services, multi-room audio and video streaming capabilities, and a lift mechanism for optimal TV viewing. The property lacked a comprehensive cabling infrastructure, posing additional difficulties.


Solutions Implemented:

1. MOKA-Based Wifi Access Points: Infinite Projects installed MOKA-based wifi access points, enabling data transfer along existing coaxial cabling. This solution provided a solid wired and wireless network, ensuring reliable internet connectivity throughout the property.


2. HDMI Modulator: To address the client's requirement for UK and French satellite TV services, Infinite Projects supplied an HDMI modulator. This device split the satellite signals and transmitted them as digital channels over the same coaxial cable used for data, eliminating the need for additional cabling.


3. Sonos Multi-Room Audio: Infinite Projects supplied and installed Sonos multi-room audio systems in all required locations, enabling the client to enjoy synchronized audio playback throughout the property.


4. Lift Mechanism for TV: To enhance the viewing experience, Infinite Projects provided a lift mechanism that automatically lowered the TV into the perfect viewing position. The supplied remote control simplified operation, allowing the client to effortlessly raise or lower the TV as desired.


5. Apple TV Streaming: Infinite Projects supplied Apple TV devices, enabling seamless streaming of video content to enhance the client's entertainment options.


Results and Ongoing Support:

The client was highly impressed with the comprehensive solutions provided by Infinite Projects. Two years later, when Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) became available, the client sought to maximize their internet speeds. Relying on Infinite Projects' expertise, the decision was made to run fibre cabling to key points in the property and split the connection locally as required. Infinite Projects efficiently project-managed the fibre installation and supplied and installed all additional equipment to upgrade the data network, ensuring optimal performance throughout the property.


Furthermore, when the client requested a transition from traditional satellite services to a purely internet-based ultraHD service from Sky, Infinite Projects successfully delivered this upgrade six months ago. This seamless integration further enhanced the client's viewing experience and solidified their trust in Infinite Projects' ability to meet evolving needs.



Infinite Projects successfully overcame connectivity challenges and provided a comprehensive range of audio-visual solutions for a client's property on Eaton Place, Belgravia. By implementing MOKA-based wifi access points, HDMI modulators, Sonos multi-room audio systems, lift mechanisms for TV, and Apple TV streaming capabilities, Infinite Projects delivered a fully integrated and technologically advanced solution. The ongoing support and expertise provided by Infinite Projects ensured that the client's evolving needs were met, resulting in a highly satisfied customer enjoying seamless connectivity and cutting-edge audio-visual experiences.

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