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South Of France Villa

Case Study: Infinite Projects Transforms Home Automation in the South of France Villa


Infinite Projects, a leading provider of home automation solutions, recently completed a remarkable four-year project in the south of France. Our client already has a UK property managed by us. They were developing a property in the South of France and wanted similar features as their existing Savant home automation system, they challenged us with the goal of simplifying the user interface while maintaining robustness and increasing aesthetic appeal. Through collaborative efforts with the client and the local French architect team, we implemented innovative solutions using the Arteor home automation system by Legrand, resulting in a transformative home automation experience.


Challenges and Objectives:

Our client's primary objective was to enhance the user experience by simplifying the home automation system's interface, allowing effortless operation for guests. Additionally, the system needed to be remotely manageable to accommodate the client's UK-based location. The integration of region-specific equipment and the creation of a dedicated home cinema room were also key requirements.


Solutions Implemented:

1. Arteor Home Automation System: After careful consideration, Infinite Projects selected the Arteor home automation system by Legrand. This cutting-edge system utilises programmable smart switches, which closely resemble standard light switches while offering extensive control over various functions, including lighting scenes, blinds, shutters, and audio volume. The Arteor system provided the ideal foundation for our solution.


2. Intuitive Touch Panels: To simplify control and enhance convenience, we strategically placed small 3.5" touch panels throughout the property. These sleek panels provided temperature readings and allowed guests to adjust room temperature by activating the air conditioning or heating systems. They also offered seamless control over music playback in each zone and the ability to further customise lighting scenes as desired. With these intuitive touch panels, guests could effortlessly personalise their experience, ensuring a memorable stay.


3. Robust Wiring Infrastructure: Recognising the importance of a reliable and remotely manageable system, Infinite Projects employed a robust two-wire bus cabling system for the Arteor installation. This approach ensured uninterrupted functionality, even in the absence of network connectivity. The system's core operations, including lighting control and scene settings, remained accessible and reliable, providing peace of mind to our client.


4. Integration of Region-Specific Features: To seamlessly integrate the home automation system with the local environment, Infinite Projects incorporated region-specific features and French power outlets. This attention to detail ensured that the system not only met functional requirements but also blended harmoniously with the property's unique aesthetics and electrical infrastructure.


5. Dedicated Home Cinema Room: As part of our comprehensive solution, Infinite Projects designed and managed the construction of a dedicated home cinema room. Working closely with specialists from the USA, we created a bespoke cinema experience tailored to our client's preferences. From initial design to final installation, our team ensured a seamless integration of the cinema room within the overall home automation system, delivering an unparalleled entertainment experience.


Results and Benefits:

Through meticulous planning, collaboration, and implementation, Infinite Projects successfully transformed our client's home automation system in the south of France. By leveraging the Arteor system with intuitive touch panels, robust wiring infrastructure, region-specific features, and a dedicated home cinema room, we achieved the following outcomes:


1. Enhanced User Experience: The simplified user interface and intuitive touch panels allowed guests to effortlessly control various aspects of the home automation system, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.


2. Remote Manageability: With the robust two-wire bus cabling system, the home automation system remained reliable and remotely manageable, enabling the client to effortlessly oversee and control their property from the UK.


3. Aesthetically Pleasing Integration: The premium finishes of the switches, panels and sockets were all from the same range and therefore ensured all matched beautifully with each other. They integrated with region-specific features and seamlessly blended the home automation system with the property's unique aesthetics, enhancing its overall appeal.


4. Immersive Home Cinema Experience: The creation of a dedicated home cinema room provided our client with a world-class entertainment space, meticulously designed and installed to exceed their expectations.



Infinite Projects' successful completion of the four-year home automation project in the south of France showcases our commitment to delivering transformative solutions. By leveraging the Arteor system, intuitive touch panels, robust wiring infrastructure, region-specific features, and a dedicated home cinema room, we exceeded our client's objectives. The project's outcomes included an enhanced user experience, remote manageability, seamless integration with the property's aesthetics, and an immersive home cinema experience. Infinite Projects continues to redefine the future of home automation, offering tailored solutions that elevate the way we live and interact with our homes.

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