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Mayfair Office

Case Study: Private Equity Company Mayfair Office

Infinite Projects was contracted to provide IT support for a Private Equity company in Mayfair during their transition to being listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company sought to relocate to a prestigious new office and required assistance with their IT infrastructure.


Key Points:


1. Designing Office Data Infrastructure: Infinite Projects was responsible for designing the office data infrastructure layout to accommodate the current and future needs of the growing team.


2. IT Setup: The users utilized Microsoft's small business server for file server, internet security, domain, and exchange services. IBM PCs running MS Windows were the desktop operating system of choice.


3. Security and Efficiency Improvements: Infinite Projects focused on enhancing security, efficiency, and user satisfaction during the office relocation. The company provided desktops, laptops, and mobile phones to all users.


Actions Taken by Infinite Projects:


1. Collaboration with Architectural Firm: Infinite Projects worked closely with the architectural firm to ensure proper data cabling and power requirements were met.


2. Data Cabling and Networking: All data cabling was thoroughly tested and certified for gigabit data networking.


3. Internet Connection: Infinite Projects supervised the installation of a fiber-to-the-premises Internet connection, providing a 1Gbps synchronous connection.


4. Transition to Apple Ecosystem: Through group and individual sessions, Infinite Projects advocated for switching to an Apple Ecosystem, addressing concerns about compatibility, security, total cost of ownership, and user training.


5. Hardware and Software Implementation: Infinite Projects supplied and installed desktop and laptop computers, a VOIP telephony system, and network-attached file servers for offline backup of cloud data. The company also shifted to cloud services for Exchange, Azure, and SharePoint.


6. IT Support and Ticketing System: Ongoing IT support was provided, including training for software and hardware. A ticketing system was set up to measure SLAs and KPIs.


7. Security Measures: Monthly group sessions on security were conducted, along with fortnightly individual sessions. Online and onsite threat monitoring was implemented, and security procedures were audited by KPMG. Regular security penetration testing was performed by Grant Thornton.


8. Device Management: Infinite Projects managed users' devices using mobile device management (MDM) software and assessed apps for security vulnerabilities.


9. Disaster Recovery: Comprehensive plans for disaster recovery were created, tested, and proven successful during the COVID-19 pandemic. All users were able to work remotely without any disruptions.


The Impact:


Infinite Projects played a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition for the Private Equity company during its listing on the London Stock Exchange. The company's trust in Infinite Projects was well-placed, as any downtime or failure to produce reports on time could have had a significant impact on their share price and incurred financial penalties.

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