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West Sussex Country House

Case Study: West Sussex Country House


Infinite Projects had the unique opportunity to collaborate on a project involving the design and installation of a smart home in a West Sussex country house. The property, undergoing a complete redevelopment, required a sophisticated home automation system to control lighting, heating, and audio-visual systems. The client desired a modern and intuitive control system that combined voice and touch controls. Additionally, they sought to convert a barn into a home cinema. This case study explores the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the positive outcomes achieved through our partnership.


Client Requirements and Challenges:

The client envisioned a smart home system that would enhance their experience at the property, serving as a weekend getaway and a place extensively used during school holidays. However, the property suffered from an extremely slow internet connection, which discouraged family members from spending extended periods there. To address these challenges, Infinite Projects dedicated considerable time to planning and worked closely with an interior designer and architect to design a comprehensive system layout.


Actions Taken by Infinite Projects:


1. Home Automation System Design:

Infinite Projects designed a cutting-edge home automation system using Savant Automation. This modern system allowed for control using iPads and handheld remotes. It seamlessly integrated with Apple's HomeKit system, enabling control via Siri voice commands from iPhones, Apple Watches, and Apple HomePod smart speakers.


2. Electrical Rewire and Data Cabling Infrastructure:

Recognising the need for a complete electrical rewire and a new data cabling infrastructure, Infinite Projects collaborated with an electrical contractor to install new electrical cables and CAT6 data cabling throughout the property. The barn was connected to the main house using fibre cabling.


3. Smart Lighting and Heating Control:

Infinite Projects installed Lutron smart lighting. In addition to lighting scenes, it provided automated lighting even when the property was unoccupied. Smart thermostats were installed to allow the client to control the heating remotely, ensuring a comfortable environment upon their arrival.


4. High-Speed Internet Connection:

Infinite Projects arranged for a new fibre-to-the-premises internet connection, providing a high-speed 1Gbps connection. This upgrade addressed the slow internet issue, enabling seamless connectivity and enhancing the overall smart home experience.


5. Managed Data Network:

A new managed data network was installed, allowing Infinite Projects to remotely manage devices. This proactive approach enabled them to identify and resolve any issues before the client travelled from London, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.


6. Comprehensive WiFi Coverage:

Using the latest generation WiFi access points, Infinite Projects provided complete WiFi coverage inside and outside the property, including the house, barn, gardens, and outdoor pool area. This ensured uninterrupted connectivity and convenient access to smart home features throughout the premises.


7. Enhanced Entertainment Experience:

Infinite Projects installed Sky Stream units to provide TV services in various areas of the property, including the lounge, kitchen, barn, and bedrooms. To create an immersive home cinema experience, a motorised screen and ultraHD laser projector with Dolby Atmos multilevel surround sound were installed in the barn.


8. Multi-Room Audio and Voice Control:

A combination of Sonos and Apple HomePods was utilised for streaming multi-room audio. These devices also allowed for convenient control over lighting, blinds, and music using voice commands, further enhancing the smart home experience.


Positive Outcomes:


The collaboration between Infinite Projects and the client resulted in several positive outcomes:


1. Enhanced Property Experience:

The client was thrilled with the outcome, as the smart home system transformed their country house into a modern and intuitive retreat. The seamless integration of various technologies allowed for effortless control of lighting, heating, and audio-visual systems, enhancing their overall experience.


2. Improved Connectivity and Entertainment:

By addressing the slow internet connection issue and installing comprehensive WiFi coverage, Infinite Projects enabled uninterrupted connectivity and access to entertainment services throughout the property. The installation of home cinema equipment in the barn further enriched the entertainment options available to the client and their guests.


3. Increased Utilisation of the Property:

Thanks to the successful implementation of the smart home system, the country house is now extensively used by the family. The intuitive controls, enhanced connectivity, and immersive entertainment options have made the property a sought-after destination for relaxation and quality time.



Infinite Projects successfully designed and installed a state-of-the-art smart home system in a West Sussex country house, meeting the client's requirements and surpassing their expectations. By overcoming challenges related to slow internet connectivity and implementing cutting-edge technologies, we created a seamless and intuitive environment that enhances the client's experience and encourages utilization of the property. This case study highlights the transformative power of smart home solutions and the value of strategic planning and expertise in delivering exceptional results.

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